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This is the most comprehensive type of survey and is required by most all financial institutes before financing a vessel. This survey not only protects the financial institute, but it also protects the purchaser. Pre-purchase surveys includes the structural integrity of the vessel's hull, decks and superstructure and the vessel's systems which include the propulsion system, electrical systems, fuel system, electronic navigation and communication systems. The survey will also include the condition of the cosmetic appearance and the maintenance condition.


The Condition and Evaluation survey or Insurance Survey is performed so that the insurance underwriter can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. The insurance underwriter is most interested in the vessel's structural integrity and the safety of vessel and crew. Depending on the insurance underwriter the Condition and Evaluation Survey may be conducted either in or out of the water. The majority of marine underwriters require a marine survey once every two years and when a vessel has reached 10 years of age.


This survey is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the Fair Market Value of the vessel that is normally needed for estate settlements, donations, auctions and legal cases.


This survey is performed to assess the extent of damage, recommended repairs and the estimated repair cost. The marine surveyor will secure estimate quotes from marine repair facilities and recommendations and repair specifications are determined. Cause and claim loss are utilized to assist the insurance underwriter in deciding appropriate compensation payment. The marine surveyor acts as a representative for the insurance underwriter.


This survey is performed to assess the vessel's integrity and vessel's crew experience before long offshore voyaging for extended periods of time. This survey verifies vessel's structural integrity, safety and survival equipment, rigging, ground tackle, fuel capacity and consumption, spare parts inventory, navigation and communication equipment, charts and ship's stores (potable water and food). Vessel's crew are to furnish resume of sea time experience.


It is often a good idea to have a Bottom Inspection Survey performed every time you haul the boat for painting or maintenance. This is an inexpensive way to avoid hauling it again for an Insurance Survey when it is inconvenient to do so. With a good bottom inspection and your maintenance receipts, most underwriters will approve an in-the-water survey saving you the hauling expenses.

We have certified divers we regularly use who can inspect the bottom while the vessel is afloat. Some underwriters have accepted this inspection in lieu of a hauled survey.


Moisture content analysis is performed with a moisture meter to determine the content of moisture in a vessel's fiberglass wetted surfaces (hull's bottom) and topsides. This procedure is also used to determine the moisture content following a gel-strip before any waterproofing sealant is applied.

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